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Angell Thompson: Building Surveying & Engineering Consultants

….it is likely you will be affected by the provisions of the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996

  • If you are carrying out the work you are the ‘Building Owner’ and you will be required to serve one or more of a variety of Notices on the affected neighbour/s. We can undertake this on your behalf.
  • If you are the neighbour of someone intending to carry out work, and/or have received a Notice from them, you are the ‘Adjoining Owner’. We can respond to, or request such Notices on your behalf.
  • If a Building Owner serves Notice on an Adjoining Owner, and the Adjoining Owner agrees (consents) to the works, then no further action is necessary and no Surveyor need be involved.
  • If the Adjoining Owner wishes, he can ‘dissent’ to the work, and a ‘dispute’ is then deemed to have arisen. The language is unnecessarily contentious; a ‘dispute’ does not necessarily mean there is an objection from the Adjoining Owner. It does however mean that further action must be taken to protect the rights and interests of both parties: